Assistir Ice Age Giants 1×01 Land of the Sabre Tooth Online


Assistir Ice Age Giants 1×01 Land of the Sabre Tooth Online, Ice Age Giants S01E01, Download, Baixar, Episódio, Dublado, Legendado, Temporada, Land of the Sabre Tooth New series. Alice Roberts examines the latest discoveries from the northern hemisphere to shed light on the lives and habitats of the creatures that dominated the planet 40,000 years ago. She begins by heading to North America, which was home to a diverse group of giant mammals, and discovers how the sabre-toothed cat’s out-sized teeth were vital for hunting, yet easily broken. Alice looks at evidence of the bear-sized Shasta ground sloth in a cave in the Grand Canyon, and learns about the strange armadillo-like glyptodont – which was the size of a small car.

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