Assistir Ice Age Giants 1×02 Land of the Cave Bear Online


Assistir Ice Age Giants 1×02 Land of the Cave Bear Online, Ice Age Giants S01E02, Download, Baixar, Episódio, Dublado, Legendado, Temporada, Land of the Cave Bear Alice Roberts explains what the remains of mammals reveal about how they fared in cold climates. In Transylvanian caves, she discovers evidence of a conflict between a cave bear and a lion, both of which became victims of a deep freeze that swept across Europe, while in Siberia she finds that the well-preserved remains of a female woolly rhinoceros demonstrate it was perfectly evolved to face the bitter conditions in Yakutsk – the coldest city on Earth. Alice also travels to a Jersey cave, where archaeological findings shed light on how Ice Age human beings and Neanderthals fashioned stone tools to hunt mammoths.

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